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Anasazisaurus, Bistahioversor, Deinosuchus & Muzquizopteryx

Well, it's taken me over a year to complete, but I promised myself (and those closest to me) that I would finish my Late Cretaceous river scene by the end of 2017 and finally, against all odds, I've actually made it over the finish line! Just in the nick of time too.

So, why the delay? Well, this past year has been extraordinarily busy for me both professionally and personally. As well as updating my Fin whale animation for Cambridge museum of zoology, I have also completed three extensive projects for Liverpool John Moores university, which sadly I have not been able to publish this year as the projects have yet to be released. This has had two unfortunate consequences: firstly that my blog has looked sadly thin on the ground for most of the year and secondly that this large-scale portfolio project has had to take a back seat for several months.
Now that it's finally finished I have to admit  I'm not entirely happy with it: there are some details that I would like to c…

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